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  • Who is the target audience for Grommet Goes?
    The first trilogy is intended for 0-5 year olds. Grommet Goes is a short story picture book, printed in board book fashion. Early engagement to the sports you love help foster the fun. Early recognition to the parts of a day help those steps become part of the process when you are actually doing it. The drive to the ski mountain has to happen at some point. In Grommet Goes, we address it in a simple and fun way. No need to make a fuss about it.
  • How does Grommet Goes foster early engagement?
    The most important sights and sounds are woven into each story. "...helmet, goggles, and mittens". You and your groms will enjoy the repeatition and how it translates to the sport. Make sure their first time seeing the chairlift isn't in the lift line.
  • How can my grom be featured on Grommet Goes Social Media
    Awesome! Shoot us a message on the website, Instagram, or Facebook. Our goal is to promote positivity and style in our sport. Use the tag #grommetgoes on your social media to connect to us.
  • Will there be more Grommet Goes books?
    No doubt! Join our mailing list or follow @grommetgoes on Instagram and Facebook. Let us know what sports you want to see. We also intend to stretch the age group and topics to grow with our sports.
  • What is a Grom?
    The word grom is shortened from the word grommet. Used mainly in surf culture, but is also used in the action sports community overall. A grom is young kid, usually under the age of 15, that likes to surf, skateboard, snowboard, dirt bike, etc. A grom refers to both genders male and female. Groms are known for going out either in their sports with all their hearts, with passion like any professional in the extreme sport world. Groms are usually super chill and positive. They like to encourage their fellow friends. There is no room for negativity in the action sports world.
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